Elementary Brain Teaser - September 20, 2021

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A palindrome is a word that is spelled the same, even when reversed.  MOM, DAD, CIVIC, and WOW are examples.  Numbers can be palindromes too.  141, 23455432, and 1357531 are examples of palindromes.  If you take a number such as 41 and reverse 41(14), adding the reverse to the original number 41 + 14, you get 55, a palindrome.  Similarly, if you take 48 and add it to 84, you get 132 and then if you add 231 (the reverse of 132) to the answer 132, you get 363, a palindrome.  Your task in is to begin with the palindrome 99 and add the reverse of 99 (99 + 99) and keep reversing the next sum and adding until you get the next palindrome?  What is the next palindrome you will find?

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