Custom Leaderboards

We are excited to take The Math Contest to the next level with custom leaderboards! Custom leaderboards are meant for teachers to encourage participation at the class, grade, school, or district level. You can even create multiple leaderboards to foster competition between multiple classes, grades, or schools! Here's how it works:

    Generate a unique code to give your students.
  2. JOIN
    Students will enter that code to affiliate their account with your leaderboard.
    View all your leaderboards/codes and edit the name of your custom leaderboards.
  • Only 1 custom leaderboard may be joined per account. You can change your leaderboard membership at any time, but only new points earned will count towards your new leaderboard.
  • Every answer submitted after joining a leaderboard will have that code attached, allowing participants to see who answered correctly, the percentage of correct answers, and how many individual and total points were earned.
  • Leaderboards will be ranked against all other custom leaderboards by total points.