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  • Daily Math Challenge: A new problem will appear at 10am Central every Tuesday-Friday.
  • Elementary Brain Teaser, Middle School Madness, & Problem of the Week: New problems will be posted each Monday at 8am Central.
  • Points will be awarded for the first 7 days any problem is posted. After 7 days your name will appear on the list but no points will be awarded.
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  • Speed and Accuracy are key: Weekly problems allow users to answer once per hour. Daily problems allow users to answer once every 15 minutes.
  • Submit your answer (out to 2 decimal places). Correct answers submitted for any current problem will be eligible to earn points and have your name displayed on the site. If you correctly answer an archived problem your name will appear on the correct answer list, but no points will be awarded.
  • You can earn daily & weekly points that are added to your monthly and annual totals. You can also join a custom leaderboard to leverage the power in numbers and compete against other groups!

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